ACTA's HVAC Service Tech Training Program

ACTA’s HVAC/R Service Tech Training is a 2 Year Program. It is tailored to train individuals without any experience in the trade to perform the tasks of an HVAC/R Service Technician. Whether you are just graduating high school or looking for a career change…this program is for you!

Over the course of the training, students will learn Basic Electrical, Refrigeration, Heating and A/C skills and prepare for their EPA 608 and NATE Certifications. ACTA’s training combines the use of “Live” online classes, Videos and Virtual Reality simulations along with Hands-on training labs to prepare students for the workforce.

For more information about the program, please contact ACTA.

You must have a High School Diploma/GED to apply.




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Why A Trade School?

Attending a Trade School allows you the ability to complete the training within 2 years vs. 4 years at a much more affordable rate. Which also allows you the opportunity to enter the workforce sooner and begin building your career and earning an income.

At the completion of your first year of training, ACTA can begin assisting you in finding a job with an HVAC contractor. Once you successfully complete your 2 years of training, you will receive a certificate of completion.

How our Training Works

Using ACTA's Online Campus, every student interacts "live" with their instructor, watch “how to” videos and use virtual reality simulations to practice what they’ve learned each week. Even students with little computer experience find it easy to engage in class and learn what they need to know. In addition to our online training, each school year includes 4–6 in person hands-on labs (optional).

Student Qualifications

  • Computer or Tablet
  • Headset with microphone or a dial in audio connection 
  • Internet Connection
  • Virtual Reality Headset (optional)  

HVAC Career Opportunities (entry level)

  • A/C Tech
  • HVAC Mechanic 
  • HVAC Specialist
  • HVAC Technician
  • Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Service Technician  


This program prepares you for two important certifications for HVAC professionals:

  • EPA Section 608 Certification
  • NATE Certification 


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